Mission and vision

We incorporate the microbial life potential to plants

mision-visionIn IAB we work with the purpose of incorporating the microbial life potential to plants. Our goal, to continue growing to carry this lively response to our farmers, in a respectful and sustainable way.

We are proud to contribute to the health of our planet and its inhabitants, with the support to our products, all natural, biodegradable and suitable for their characteristics for use in Organic Farming and Integrated Pest Management.

IAB is a lively response that meets the challenges facing our farmers today, in line with the Sustainable Use Policy and Directive 2009/128/EC.

The Qs’3′ governing our principles

Las 3qs que rigen nuestros principios

  • Quantum satis: we add as much as necessary of an ingredient for the desired effect is achieved, but no more if we consider that we add too. The goal is to produce more with less, as the effective use of a microorganism is not the quantity but the quality and knowledge of their mode of action.
  • Quorum sensis: It’s the phenomenon responsible for a set of independent microbial cells develops coordinated social behaviors. The use of microbial consortia is essential to maximize the results. We work researching and developing microbial synergy with the maximum respect for the environment. To achieve this, it is essential to be prepared. Therefore, we intend for more than 10% of our annual turnover to R&D+ i.
  • Quality Service: we offer a quality service to ensure microbial richness and identity of all our products. We work to improve the quality of microbial products, and thus, our cultures. Our high quality standards have earned us the ISO 9001 and ISO 14001.