Microbial quality control of products based on bacteria, yeasts and fungi

Any organization that manufactures and/or distributes products based on microorganisms and guarantees the quality of their products, must perform the same analysis for the determination of units forming colonies per gram (cfu/g) for solid products and cfu/ml for liquid products.

IAB performed systematically these assessments to ensure the quality of its active substances. It also offers as a service these determinations for those companies that cannot perform this type of analysis or wish to have a counter-analysis of their own quality results.


IAB has developed a methodology that has been standardized and validated for bacteria and yeast counting by an independent laboratory certified by GLP (Good Laboratory Practice).

It also has standardized methods for determining fungal qualities, enjoying a wide experience in many types of fungi, and adapting the method to the nature of these eukaryotic microorganisms.

The last method developed and standardized by IAB has been the commodity count based on mycorrhizae that are greater than 50 microns.